Install EIFS Stucco Before Seasons Change in Winnipeg

The long name for EIFS Stucco is Exterior Insulation and Finishing System. It is a relatively new and improved exterior wall cladding system that provides enhanced water resistance and insulation capabilities. In plain English, EIFS Stucco is an ideal exterior wall system for our extreme Manitoba temperatures and weather patterns

The advantages of switching or installing EIFS Stucco are not limited to:

  • Energy efficient
  • Sound proofing
  • Low maintenance
  •  Crack-resistant
  • Moisture-control
  • Aethetically-pleasing

What is EIFS Stucco?

Exterior Insulation and Finishing System, EIFS Stucco, is the less popular term for acrylic or synthetic stucco.

In order for it to function properly, EIFS has to be designed and installed as one system by trained professionals.  

The current and predominant method of installation is EIFS with drainage. This method reduces moisture before it can enter the wall and cause damage to your home like mold and mildew, cracking, or water stains.

Eifs stucco in winnipeg manitoba with dels exteriors

EIFS is one of the best-rated cladding methods on the market today for both moisture control and insulation, fantastic for Manitoba Climate.

While Traditional stucco is a specific combination of cement, sand, lime, and water, EIFS is synthetic and is made of acrylic-polymers.

EIFS is considered the “new” stucco and is often used to modify existing cement stucco finishes and making it more flexible. 


  • A sound proofing boundary, which covers over the substrate.
  • A drainage plane between the external barrier and insulation board.
  • An insulation board made of expanded polystyrene and secured with an adhesive.
  • Reinforcing mesh layer made from glass-fiber embedded into the base coat.
  • A sound proofing base coat on top of the insulation acting as a weather barrier.
  • A crack-resistant and colored finishing coat of acrylic-polymer.
Eifs stucco in winnipeg manitoba with dels exteriors


EIFS is in full compliance with most modern building codes. It places an emphasis on sustainability and energy conservation due in large part to its seamless and continuous façade.  You will feel good about the environment and good about your home's high level of insulation.  EIFS has a high R-Value or thermal resistance, which increases its insulation factor more than its traditional stucco counterpart.  Traditional stucco is cement based and does not have an “R” rating as it lacks this high insulation factor. 

Exterior Insulating Finishing Systems are known for being extremely crack-resistant, durable, impact-resistant, and come with an almost unlimited color choice. All EIFS manufacturers must have their product pass major fire resistance and fire spread tests, and it is deemed one of the safest finishes. 

The bottom line?  An EIFS system is a great choice for your exterior finish.  

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