Stone  Exteriors - Sophisticated and Durable

Instantly improve your home's curb appeal with an Exterior Stone Wall from Del's Exteriors, Winnipeg.

  • Many stone designs and shapes to choose from
  • Toughest material on the market
  • Increase property value


Why consider stone masonry for the exterior of your home.

A stone façade for your home can convey both modern sophistication and old-world charm. A stone home instantly brings to mind a rustic house on a hillside, surrounded by dense forest. Luckily, these days you can add the style & sophistication of a stone exterior to your home anywhere!

Hard materials such as stone has been used to build homes for thousands of years, and withstand the test of time. There are stone buildings still standing hundreds of years later. It’s a classic look that’s tough, weather-resistant, insulating, and low maintenance.

Over the past few decades, other materials have started taking the place of stone. Vertical stamped concrete and stamped stone veneer are the newer alternatives that closely mimic stone in many ways. These new stamped concretes are nearly as tough and durable yet can look and feel just the same with the added benefit of being cheaper, lighter and easier to install.

Whether you go with stone or stamped concrete veneer, they all provide excellent protection for
your home with aesthetically pleasing looks.

A Finish That’s A-stone-ishing

Stone is a naturally occurring mineral and is stronger than any building material that you can choose from. It is highly resistant to anything Mother Nature can throw at it, and is almost
impervious to damage.

Stone is also considered one of the most aesthetically pleasing materials to clad with, giving your home a sophisticated and modern high-class flare. It can be customized to several different shapes, sizes, and colors. Using stone can add value to your home, and designers will sometimes use it for a portion of a home as a feature.

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