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Roofing Contractors Winnipeg | The Do's and Don'ts of Winter Roofing Maintenance

The long winter months can weigh heavy on us, especially with the heaps of snow we get here in Manitoba. While you may know how to take care of yourself through the season, what about the exterior of your home? Specifically, your roof, which definitely carries the heaviest load overall.

Below are some “Do’s and Don’ts of Winter Roofing Repairs” should you find yourself in a position to have to do some fix-ups.

DON’T ignore the problem

When you discover a roofing problem, take action immediately. Problems won’t go away on their own and they definitely won’t get better through the drastic weather changes we are so familiar with. 

Ice dams, in specific, are a major problem and are more likely to occur when there is a cold spell. When the thaw finally comes, the damage done to the eavestrough can speed up other problems you may not have noticed before. Replacing the gutters that have separated from your home is a project that cannot wait. 

DON’T go up on the roof yourself

As a homeowner, it can be very tempting to save some money by climbing on the roof of your house to fix a problem yourself. Just don’t. Ice and snow on rooftops is dangerous, even for a professional roofer, but we have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to get the job done right while most homeowners don’t. 

DO trim the trees 

If you have trees with overhanging branches touching your roof, a heavy snowfall could cause them to fall on your roof, which can lead to extensive (and expensive) damage. Trim away tree limbs and branches that are touching your house or hanging over your roof (or hire a professional to do it). 

DON’T let snow settle in for a long winter’s nap

Snow might look pretty up there, but the wet stuff weighs heavy on your roof and increases the risk of leaks or even collapse. Removing snow and ice build-up, especially on low-slope or older roofs, helps to diminish that danger and eliminate potential leaks. That said, as we mentioned earlier, don’t go climbing up there yourself without the proper caution and equipment! There’s always someone out there that can do the job for you.  

If these DO’s and DON’Ts have sparked any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Del’s Exteriors to get the assistance you may need now and in the future.

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