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Here at Del’s Exteriors, we prefer you stay under your roof, not on it! We take all necessary precautions to ensure safe working conditions and guarantee your roof is repaired or replaced correctly the first time.

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Why consider roofing

Have you been thinking of replacing or fixing your roof by hiring professional contractors? Then you’ve made the right decision! While home projects can be fun to learn and tackle, some things should be left to the professionals. Repairs and replacements can be complicated, hard and dangerous. Roofing is a service that requires the experience of trained professionals.

Here at Del’s Exteriors, we prefer you stay under your roof, not on it! We take all necessary precautions to ensure safe working conditions and guarantee your roof is repaired or replaced correctly the first time.

Below are a few reasons why you should always choose a professional to handle your roof repair and replacement needs. 


When you hire roofing professionals, you are hiring years of knowledge, training and experience to ensure that the job is going to be done right. Professional roofers know about the most up to date techniques and have important and relevant industry knowledge others may not know about. If you decide to repair or replace the roof on your own, not only do you risk damaging it further, you may void your ability to make an insurance claim in the future.


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You may feel that you can save a few dollars by roofing on your own, however it may cost you in more ways than you would expect.  Roofing equipment is expensive and if you make a mistake or purchase the wrong products, this can add to the final cost and time of the project. More importantly, without years of experience under your belt, this type of work might take you a lot longer than you think. By trusting our trained professionals to handle your roofing needs, you will reduce stress and free up time to do the things you enjoy.


Finding the right materials at the right cost can be a daunting task. Most local hardware stores stock similar products of varying degrees of quality, many of which can be difficult to tell apart. Our trained experts have the most up to date industry knowledge so that we only use quality products for your home's roof. By going with a reputable and reliable company, our products, installation and materials are guaranteed and warranty protected.


Roofing can be a dangerous business. Without the proper equipment and know how, undertaking roofing work is a safety risk. Extensive training and rigorous protocols are required for this job to be done safely - a fall from a roof is not something that you want to risk. Here at Del’s Exteriors, our staff go through a comprehensive safety program and must possess a license from a regulatory authority in order to operate.


If your roof is old, damaged, or just in need of an upgrade, it might be time to consider calling our team at Del’s Exteriors to arrange a free quote for your roofing repair needs.  We are one of the oldest roofing companies in Winnipeg. 

Our highly trained professionals will inspect your roof and discuss all available options (shingles or metal roofing) for replacement or repair.  We always provide honest opinions and sound practical advice.  You’ll be left with the peace of mind to know that we’ll deliver a quality and budget friendly service every time. Get the roof you deserve, call Del’s today.  

Our Roofing services include:

  • New construction – from Apartment complexes, condo’s, to single family homes
  • New Roof systems to existing homes
  • New & improved exhausting units & plumbing stack conversions to code
  • New ventilation to attic, ensuring a balanced airflow to minimise condensations issues
  • Inspections:

If your home has proper intake air from the soffit areas, if not we can install air chutes while we are re-shingling your home

Checking for areas that are allowing water infiltration into your attic/home

Now more than every there is a wider range of Roof materials available today. The generation of Organic Asphalt Shingles are all   but a distant memory. Today’s manufactures now make Fibreglass Laminate Shingles. Also Known as Architectural or Designer shingles.

All Manufactures make Fibreglass Laminate Shingles; however, they are typically designed as:

  1. Standard Laminate – Typical design, normally a 30-year shingle.
  2. Premium Laminate – Heavier shingles with other features, such nailing striping, better for  High wind application, distinctive color palate, typically a 40-year shingle
  3. Speciality Laminate shingles – 2ply even 3ply laminates, typically a 50 -year Limited  warranty, with different designs & unique color schemes. Most also offer an extended  Warranty if installed by a Certified Manufacture Applicator
  4. Euroshield or rubber shingles (yes, made from re-cycled rubber)

Note: We are Certified Applicators for most Major Brands
Let one of our trained Roofing Sales Consultants help you navigate through the various choices to meet  your expectations. Also, we are aware of the different warranties, so we here to help you make  an informed decision.

In Realty, most well-established companies have the same access to these products. The main  difference is how Del’s personnel approach you and your home. From top to bottom we have you covered. Our goal is making your home project exceed your expectations.

Call the experts at DEL’s Exteriors TODAY, for your free roofing inspection.