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Siding Repair Winnipeg | Getting Your House Ready for Spring

Springtime in Manitoba often arrives in the blink of an eye, with plenty of moisture to go along with it. This tends to cause issues for homeowners, may it be with the roof, foundation, insulation, or otherwise, which could then lead to unexpected repairs. In order to protect your home (and your wallet), here are some tips to get your house ready for Spring.

Clear Your Roof of Heavy Snow: Leaving heavy piles of snow can begin to weigh heavily on your roof, especially as it starts to melt (and the snow is heavier). In order to avoid any damage including leaks or partial collapses, be sure to remove any excess snow from up there. 

house roof with snow

That said, it’s important to evaluate what you can and can’t do on your own, equipment and safety-wise, so 

remember to use caution and hire someone to do the job for you if need be.

Repair Damaged Areas: If you’ve been seeing damages here & there throughout winter, but they weren’t major enough to get fixed immediately… now’s the time! These small damages can easily grow into much more, so don’t hesitate to get your shingles and all other roofing components checked by a professional roofing company.

Check Your Gutters and Downspouts: Underneath the previously mentioned snow piles, there are very likely heaps of leaves from the fall, not to mention ice in between! Anything that has landed in your gutter can end up clogging it in such a way that when the snow starts to melt, it won’t have anywhere to go.

Clear away any ice, leaves, dirt, and debris from your gutters to be sure that water will make its way out of the downspouts (and away from your foundation). 

Fix cracks: With the drastic and often-times swift changes in the weather, cracks may have occurred in your foundation, walkways, and patio. These are easy paths for water to get in your house and cause damage. Fill them as soon as you can to avoid them getting worse as time goes on and you find yourself paying the consequences, damage and money-wise.

house stucco crack

Caulk/Repair Windows: Just like cracks below your feet, gaps between your windows can let moisture and unwanted pests inside. Scrape off any old, crumbling caulking and replace it. You’ll also want to check any wood for signs of decay and get on those repairs asap. Both of these fixes will keep drafts out and keep your hydro bills down.

Move Unnecessary Junk Away From Your Home: While it seems convenient to store a stack of firewood, boxes, or other goods near/against your home at the beginning of winter, these things can very quickly draw a variety of problems. Move these items elsewhere before the snow starts to melt to avoid becoming the perfect breeding ground for a variety of insects and mould.

Inspect Your Air Conditioner, Outdoor Faucets, Outlets, Lights: It may still seem a long way off from needing to turn your air conditioning unit on, but you’ll want to give time for any necessary tune-ups or repairs. Having your unit inspected by a professional is not only a good safety measure but could also prolong its life.

While you’re at it, make sure your outdoor faucets, outlets, and lighting are still intact without any damage and ready to go as you get closer to spending more time outdoors. 

Ensure That Ventilation Spaces Are All Open: During the early spring weather, it is easy for your ventilation spaces to become blocked. Apart from missing out on the much-anticipated fresh air into your home, an inspection can help you avoid the growth of mould, dust, dirt, and bacteria along with accidentally creating the ideal environment for pest infestations.

Remove Snow from Window Wells: If left uncovered, snow can accumulate in your basement’s window wells. When the snow begins to melt, the water accumulated in your basement window wells can seep into the basement and promote mold growth. Move the snow away from the foundation of your home to safely get to your wells to remove excess snow.

If, when the snow starts to melt, you notice anything that needs to be addressed immediately, take a photo and consider calling a trained professional to fix it safely and effectively.

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