Soffits And Fascia matter

Soffits and Fascia play an important role in the structural integrity of your roof and home, while complementary and usually installed together, they both have different overall functions.

Using an aluminum material rather than wood or vinyl for its durability and features that best suit the demands of changing seasons. Hello, Manitoba weather!

  • It never needs to be painted
  • Available in regular and heavy gauge for lasting performance and durability
  • Available in an array of styles and colors coordinated to match


When properly installed by trained contractors, Soffits and Fascia provides essential ventilation and air circulation so as to reduce the chances of excess moisture from accumulating in your attic. 

These components need to be maintained and looked after just as much as any other part of your home's exterior.

soffits and fascia

Aluminum materials are designed with easy maintenance in mind. 

The high-performance finish won’t blister, flake, or peel; and the aluminum construction won’t split, warp, or rot from exposure to moisture.

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Soffits is the exposed aluminum siding underneath the roof’s overhang that connects the main walls of the house to the roof. 

In terms of protection, soffit helps prevent water seepage and frost-thaw during the winter season. Another one of its functions is also stopping insects, small animals, and/or birds from making their way to infesting your attic. 

While it is often not visible in terms of curb appeal, it is important that your soffit is up to date if you want to keep an aesthetically-pleasing, energy efficient home with a better resale value. Any exterior upgrades you make to your home improves your homes value and marketability, should you choose to sell.

Coordinate to match your roofing materials with your siding or stucco for a beautiful, professional finish that is sure to turn your neighbours' heads.

soffits and fascia


Fascia is the area of siding directly above the soffit, it’s the exposed board on the front of the roof’s overhang. 

It also supports your home’s gutters. That means this requires quality support in case of extreme weather such as downpours, and heavy snow.

Fascia is visible to everyone, so take advance of this feature to maximize your home’s curb appeal.

The options with soffit and fascia are truly limitless, you can even choose wood grain finishes if you want the beauty of wood whilst keeping rain, snow, rodents, and insects out of your home.

soffits and fascia

This entire system contributes to the protection of your roof and foundations. They are optional, but installation is relatively easy and low-cost. They can also protect your home against potential problems that could lead to costly repairs in the future.

If you are getting your siding or roof replaced, it may be a good time to consider also replacing your soffits and fascia. 

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