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Stucco Contractor Winnipeg | EIFS Stucco vs. Traditional Stucco

Despite the late start of Spring, there is a certain freshness in the air. Breathe it in and let it inspire you to take things to the next level and freshen up your home’s exterior!

There is a newer type of Stucco on the market that people are talking about.  

If you haven’t yet heard of it, its name is EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finishing System) Stucco and not only does it help protect your home in a multitude of ways, it also fits into the eco-conscious mindset that more & more homeowners are getting into.

Before getting into the pros of EIFS, let’s touch on the go-to stucco of homeowners up to this point.

Traditional Stucco

Traditional stucco is a hard and durable material that, when installed by an expert, is one of the toughest building materials on the market. Mixing it with sand, lime, and water makes the stucco easier to mold while, in more recent years, adding cement to the mix adds extra durability. Sometimes, glass fibres and acrylics are added to traditional stucco to reinforce it and make it even stronger. Traditional stucco has a natural resistance to fire, lasting durability, is low maintenance, and may last more than 50 years. 

Overall, traditional stucco is one of the best siding materials to install for Manitoba’s climate because it can withstand the extreme weather, from the heat and humidity in the summer to the (practically) intolerable, cold temperatures in the winter.

EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finishing System)

Unlike traditional stucco, EIFS is synthetic and is made of acrylic-polymers (resin) that is resistant to water damage. The predominant method of installation includes drainage to reduce moisture before it enters.

EIFS places an emphasis on sustainability and energy conservation due in large part to its seamless and continuous façade. This contributes to your home having a high thermal resistance, which increases its insulation factor.

EIFS is also known for being extremely crack-resistant, durable, and impact-resistant, as well as offering an almost unlimited variety of colour choices. Add on the fact that all EIFS manufacturers must have their product pass major fire resistance and fire spread tests, this is one of the safest finishes you can choose for your home. 

To help you further understand the “System” part of EIFS, the six components are

  1. A sound proofing boundary, which covers over the base of the exterior
  2. A drainage plane between the external barrier and insulation board.
  3. An insulation board made of expanded polystyrene and secured with an adhesive.
  4. Reinforcing mesh layer made from glass-fibre embedded into the base coat.
  5. A sound proofing base coat on top of the insulation acting as a weather barrier.
  6. A crack-resistant and colored finishing coat of acrylic-polymer.

If any or all of this looks like a foreign language to you, we are here to help! Contact us with any questions on your stucco needs and to book your free estimate today!

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