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Stucco Contractors Winnipeg

EIFS Stucco

EIFS spelled out is Exterior Insulation and Finishing System – a multi-layered exterior wall insulation system that not only helps protect your home but it also fits into our eco-conscious mindset.

Stucco Contractors Winnipeg


Stone is a naturally occurring mineral, stronger than any other building material it is highly resistant to anything Mother Nature can throw at it and is almost impervious to damage, often lasting hundreds of years.

Stucco Contractors Winnipeg

Vertical Stamped Stone

Imagination is the only limitation to designing the perfect concrete stamp (aka vertical stamped stone), as offered exclusively from Del’s.


In Winnipeg, the stucco season runs approximately from March/April to October/November, depending on temperatures. Stucco materials work best under warmer climates. Stucco, however, is one of the best siding materials to have on your home’s exterior because it can withstand the extreme Manitoba weather, from the heat and humidity in the summer to the extreme, intolerable cold temperatures in the winter.

When installed properly by trained and certified professionals, new stucco can increase your home’s energy efficiency by providing an air- and water-tight seal, preventing future cracking and other deterioration from extreme weather patterns, and increasing property value by adding protection & curb appeal.


With colour-matching capabilities, you can select from a wide variety of colours, textures, and finishes.  

Stucco provides an airtight, seamless finish that reduces unwanted noise from busy streets, planes, and street construction. 

 Stucco has an impressive one-hour fire rating, which means homeowners have up to one hour before the material will give into the heat of a fire and begin spreading flames.

Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS) is a seven-layer stucco insulation system known to provide insulation from the outside in.

The air-tight seal along with its insulation capabilities means that it will require less energy to keep your home cool in the summer or warm in the winter.

The professional installation of stucco provides a watertight seal and protection against mould and mildew.

The seamless walls reduce the available space for pests and bugs to enter your home.

Stucco Contractors Winnipeg
Stucco Contractors Winnipeg

Stucco Repair

Factors such as building shifts, poor installation, and extreme weather can cause stucco issues that need to be addressed before they become bigger problems. If your home’s stucco does get damaged, the good news is that a professional contractor can easily fix it.

If left untreated, water and moisture can enter the opening and damage the building, requiring a more expensive repair. Hairline cracks are normal, but If you see that a crack appears in your stucco of more than half of an inch, stucco repairs are needed and you should dial Del’s Exteriors immediately.


Wet stucco after rain/snow is normal, but if the stucco doesn’t return to a normal colour, it could be a sign that moisture has found its way behind the surface of the home’s siding. You may notice that some areas of the exterior appear darker than the rest of the material, which could be evidence of a serious mold problem. 

Stucco is naturally prone to developing small cracks as it gets older. While small hairline gaps aren’t too worrisome, you should still consider having them repaired before they grow larger. Pay particular attention to deep crevices, as these can indicate structural damage. Spiderweb cracking is also an issue and generally the result of incorrect installation. If these blemishes are left untouched, water can seep inside, leading to significant damage that may require costly repairs.

Resulting from poor drainage, water leaking through stucco walls shows up along the bottom edge. If you see odd bubbles, you’re looking at the signs of stucco damage.

It’s quite obvious when caulking around windows begin to gap. When this happens, moistures will be able to lead into your home, resulting in wall stains and flooring damage

A musty odor inside your home also typically accompanies this type of fungal issue. Surface mold can be easily cleaned, but it’s very important to determine the source to ensure the mold doesn’t spread, or return with a vengeance.

Take a look at your basement walls. Have you noticed stains on the walls or water pooling on the floor? If so, this is a clear sign that you likely have stucco problems that need to be addressed. Many people make the mistake of assuming that water in the basement is only caused by leaking pipe  and yet this problem could be directly related to stucco leaks on the exterior of your home. 

If you live in an area with a high wildlife population, you may find unwelcome guests using your home as a nest or storage area. The repairs may be as easy as removing the affected area and redoing the stucco, though are still important to take care of.

The presence of termites, ants, and other insects in your home is a sign of stucco damage; it’s likely the cracks in your stucco walls are their point of entry. 

Cracks on the foam trim are clear signs that the stucco is not properly installed. When the seam is not properly connected, the stucco has chances of cracking and falling.

Stone Masonry

A stone façade for your home can convey both modern sophistication and old-world charm. A home with a stone exterior instantly brings to mind a rustic house on a hillside, surrounded by dense forest. Luckily, these days you can add the style and sophistication of a stone exterior to your home!

Hard materials such as stone has been used to build homes for thousands of years, and it withstands the test of time. Some stone buildings are still standing hundreds of years later. Classic architecture that’s tough, weather-resistant, and low maintenance.

Over the past few decades, other materials have started taking the place of stone. Del’s Exteriors exclusive Vertical Stamped Stone is a newer alternatives that closely mimics stone in many ways. These new stamped concretes are nearly as tough and durable yet can look and feel just the same with the added benefit of being lighter, easier to install, and budget-friendly. 

Whether you go with Vertical Stamped or stone, they all provide excellent protection for
your home with aesthetically pleasing designs.


Hard materials, like stone, have been used to build homes for thousands of years, and it continues to withstand the test of time. Some stone buildings are still standing, hundreds of years later turning into classic architecture that’s durable, weather-resistant, and low maintenance.

Since stone is a naturally occurring mineral, it comes in several unique shapes, sizes, and colours. It’s highly resistant to anything Mother Nature throws at it, and it’s almost impervious to damage, often lasting hundreds of years!

A stone façade conveys both modern sophistication and old-world charm. 

Creating a stone feature wall can add instant value to your home. Whether you choose a solid stone siding, natural stone cladding, or Vertical Stamped Stone, Del’s has an exterior stone that will suit your style, taste, and budget!

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Del’s Exteriors took on the reframing and refinishing of the water damaged wall of my daughter’s 1-1/2 storey home after a previous contractor walked off the job as too precarious to complete. Del’s did an excellent job and were always willing to carry out other requests around the home. I highly recommend Del’s for their expertise and personal attention throughout the project.

Serge from Winnipeg

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