Take your Home’s Exterior To the next level with Vertical Stamped STONE

Imagination is the only limitation to designing the perfect concrete stamp. Create a luxurious full or half wall, chimney, planter, etc., with wide variety of beautiful patterns and styles.

  • Unlimited design possibilities
  • Durable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Affordable


Why consider vertical stamped stone

Looking to take the design of your exterior walls from ordinary to spectacular? If you want to impress guests and neighbors alike, then you might want to consider Vertical Stamped Stone exclusively offered at Del's Exteriors. Made with concrete, stamped stone is lightweight and easily applied compared to natural stone.

vertical stamped stone in winnipeg manitoba with dels exteriors

Vertical overlays are decorative cement-based mixtures that are applied to existing walls or other vertical surfaces. It’s mixed on-site and applied by hand or trowel. You can think of it a bit like soft modelling clay that allows for intricate inlaying. Both lightweight and strong, vertical stamped concrete will hold up to just about any vertical application with ease. Once the concrete is applied, the true magic shines in your choice of color and design.


  1. Unlimited Design Possibilities – select a pattern that mimics other materials such as wood, brick, stone, or create your own.
  2. Durable – stamped concrete is tough, protective, and hard to damage. Concrete does not  chip or crack easily. 
  3. Low Maintenance – easy to clean and wash, if you must. 
  4. Adds Value to your Home – attractive designs increase the aesthetic of your home, and adds curb appeal and property value.
  5. Affordable – Compared with natural stone, stamped stone is less costly than natural stone which can be hard to obtain, heavy, and expensive. 
vertical stamped stone in winnipeg manitoba with dels exteriors
vertical stamped stone in winnipeg manitoba with dels exteriors