January 12

We’re Hiring: Stucco Mason

Del’s Exteriors is seeking experienced and reliable Stucco Mason(s) who want to join an established team with a very busy workload.

About Del’s Exteriors:

The company was founded as Del’s Stucco over 65 years ago in St Adolphe, Manitoba with a focus on plastering interiors. After pivoting to exterior work, the company changed to Del’s Exteriors and now holds the unique distinction of being Manitoba’s largest & longest-running stucco company.

Today Del’s Exteriors offers stucco, stone, stamped stone, siding, painting, and roofing, just to name a few. With 12 experienced crews (between 70-80 employees), each crew is an expert in their own trade, and many have been with us for more than a decade.

What We Would Like You To Have:

  • Experience applying exterior smooth and texture finish with stucco/plaster
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Organization skills
  • Hands-on experience working in construction
  • Extensive knowledge in residential stucco or plastering
  • Extremely reliable & dependable
  • Ability to perform work safely
  • Ability to analyze and troubleshoot variations of stucco
  • Professional attitude
  • Demonstrate safety and superior cleanliness on-site
  • Must have a valid driver’s license & vehicle

You Are Great At:

  • Smooth and texture finish
  • Working safely in heights up to five stories
  • Applying coats of plaster or stucco to walls, ceilings, or partitions of buildings, using trowels, brushes, spray guns
  • Applying weatherproof, decorative coverings to exterior surfaces of buildings, such as troweling or spraying on coats of stucco
  • Cleaning and preparing surfaces for applications of plaster, cement, stucco, or similar materials
  • Curing freshly plastered surfaces
  • Mixing mortar and plaster to desired consistency or directing workers who perform mixing
  • Applying insulation to building exteriors by installing prefabricated insulation systems over existing walls or by covering the outer wall with insulation board, reinforcing mesh, and a base coat
  • Following directions and communicating daily with Management.

* Must be willing to relocate to work in Winnipeg/Southern Manitoba.




Job-Type & Schedule:

Full-time weekdays. Some weekends, as needed.

To apply, please email your resume to delsltd@mymts.net 


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